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Despite being the state with the highest level of federal subsidies in the lower 48 states, New Mexico and its residents don't really have a lot to show for it. Albuquerque has a dirty, run-down, "Mad Max" quality to it. The people are remarkably uneducated and unfriendly. Going to Albuquerque is like taking a trip to some third world city. Besides the risk of being accosted by drug addicts in the rather disappointing "Old Town" section, one also faces the real possibility of running over one of the city's countless mentally ill homeless, who routinely walk into oncoming traffic to commit suicide. One may also expect to be awakened in the middle of the night by scavengers, both animal and human, "dumpster-diving" through others' trash. If you're going, then do be sure to carry a lot of change as beggars and panhandlers frequent many of the parking lots...they will harass you if you don't cough up a few quarters or something.
I am sorry every time that I go to New Mexico: there are as yet no signs of intelligent life.
Why do I have to keep going to...ugh...New Mexico?
by Gerbil 990913526 February 07, 2011

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