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Mostly known as a reference to a low-paying job.

Also known as the act of engaging in oral sex with a clown.
Damn, man... last night Ronald gave me a McJob.
by Gerber Baby January 06, 2008
A small phrase said when replying to a question of stupidity.
A couple of friends are watching a scary movie and one of them farts really loud just for the fun of it.

Jack: "Jeez! Why the hell did you fart!?"

John: "'Cause I'm Best!"
by Gerber Baby January 06, 2008
When u fuck a girl so good she goes to sleep an while she's sleep you put your dick in her mouth
Her: damn bae u fucked me so good last night u put my ass 2 sleep. But why did i have a mouth full of cum this morning?

Him: oh i gave u that gerberbaby last night
by Gerber baby March 16, 2015

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