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Curriculum Vitae comes from the Latin roughly translating to "course of life".

A "Life CV" attains less to professional achievements and more to personal ones as a record of the momentous occasions in one's life.

It could relate to conquering fears, taking risks, performing incredible feats. All ultimately relating to improving oneself and building character.
Bob: I've always had a fear of heights so I've booked myself a sky-dive to conquer it.
Bill: Awesome, that'll be a good one to put on the Life CV.
by Gerard McKenzie September 08, 2010
Referring to guys who have styled their hair in to a quiff so many times and with such conviction that they no longer need hair gel to achieve the desired result.

Men with a Permaquiff have the added problem that once attained it becomes very difficult to get rid of, and said man will most likely be taking said hairstyle to the grave.
Bob: D'you know that guy over there...
Bill: The one with the Permaquiff?
Bob: Yeah, him. What a tool.
by Gerard McKenzie September 08, 2010

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