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97 definitions by Gerard Irick

A person who is vain and consider themselves too good to do certain tasks and live under conditions they consider inadequant
Michelle is a prima donna because she won't help her brothers take out the trash.
by Gerard Irick November 10, 2009
someone who rationalizes and find reasoning through a situation
I like how Paul takes tragedy with level-headed way of thinking.
by Gerard Irick March 01, 2009
To be overwhelmed with disappointment and grief from a boyfriend,girlfriend,friend,etc.
Sally was broken hearted when she found out John cheated on her.
by Gerard Irick August 08, 2007
someone who is friendly,warm and kind to strangers and people from all walks of life
Gary is such a people person he can get along with almost anybody.
by Gerard Irick April 13, 2009
someone who is forceful & impatient
You don't have to be so pushy I'll do it later.
by Gerard Irick December 29, 2011
someone who curiously pry into other people's affairs or business.
When someone is nosy it does them more harm than good.
by Gerard Irick December 07, 2009
a man who is very submissive to a woman's needs and desires
Eddie can't give us a straight answer about going out because he's pussy whip.
by Gerard Irick September 28, 2009