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When unable to remember the proceedings during which you are blacked out from drinking or drug use, This period of time is known as HUF (Hours Unaccounted For)
"fuck sake man, drank a bottle of jack and banged 3 E's, cant mind a fucking thing, at least 6 H.U.F.”
by gerald fawcett March 02, 2008
stuck up, egotistical, opposed to being proven wrong, self obsessed
"dave you're up your own hole"
by gerald fawcett February 22, 2008
Beers left over from a nites drinking that are drank in the morning after
"Hey Karl.. any morning beers left?"
by Gerald Fawcett March 17, 2008
to tweak, fiddle or mess around with
"i futered with the radio and found a fucked up station"

"stop it ye futurin' bastard"
by gerald fawcett February 22, 2008
irish term for a state of total Inebriation
"fuck sake sir, you're stotious"
by gerald fawcett February 22, 2008
a massage that ends up with a blowjob
"Myrtle give me a susage now bitch.. theres a fiver in it for ye"
by Gerald Fawcett March 17, 2008
Someone who acts scummy, whilst simultaneously acting gimpy, may be called scimpy. Either that or an alternative for a complete cunt.
Would ye' ever fuck off ye' wee scimpy bastard ye'.
by Gerald Fawcett February 04, 2008

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