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The product of metabolized alcohol in women, which causes cuntly behavior on a catastrophic scale.
Brenda hates dealing with the effect of Estrohol on women in places of public accommodation, while Joe Francis loves it and has made millions off of it.
by Gerald Busey March 27, 2008
A term describing individuals that give you a headache as soon as they open their mouths.
Eric and Ed, two people that practically vomit idiocy with every uttered word, are textbook examples of Brain Freezes.
by Gerald Busey March 04, 2008
A female incarnation of South Park's Timmy (Timm-ay!!!)
That fucking Timmette is dumber than what I'm about to shit.
by Gerald Busey December 26, 2009
A market condition hastened by the implementation of homosocialist policies at the federal, State, and local levels. An Otter Market is characterized by poor economic activity, increased unemployment, and minor campaign workers driven to their deaths in tidal pools.
Mary Jo Kopechne, killed during the Carter Administration, was a casualty of an Otter Market.
by Gerald Busey July 22, 2008
A basic tenet of male philosophy: "If you see one woman naked, you want to see the rest of them naked."
Fat, ugly chicks are rare exceptions to the Ron White Postulate.
by Gerald Busey April 22, 2008
Barack Jungend (BJ): A political youth organization modeled after the Hitler Youth (Hitler-Jungend aka HJ), established to instill in American children the same blind love for and devotion to Barack Hussein Obama that millions of young German men held for Adolf Hitler.
After taking her children to a Barack Jugend rally so that they could see the glory and splendor of their Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, Amy slit their throats to spill blood for the good of the Barack Jungend.
by Gerald Busey February 14, 2008
The stated doctrine of Leftist politicians that instructs its adherents to fuck America in the ass.
Barack Obama is fighting to be the next great patriarch of Homosocialism, seeking to plug 300,000,000 American asses for a full four-year term.
by Gerald Busey February 19, 2008

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