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One who joins Counter-Strike clans and figginates everything. He gets into top level clans by offering to buy them tickets to CPL so they can meet the lovely Ksharp, but never pays up. Eventually he disappears back to the land from whence he came.
You're such a tso-lotus, go back to Canada you fucking fig.
by ger November 22, 2004
The meanest of the mean. The phrase Mean C was coined by the lord and savior eslo. While eslo has since become a recluse living in the harsh mountains of Canada, his legacy lives on through the angry rantings of Mean C. Even turtle fears this beast for he cannot be tamed by any mortal.
God you guys, I fucking told you to go B with the bomb I'm going to pull a Mean C rip your fucking skull out.
by ger November 29, 2004
The sting of embarrassment that comes with misrepresenting oneself.
my best time was tomorrow when I fell down straight like I did today
by Ger June 22, 2004
The most famous tso-lotus fan of them all. Slash the Great founded and maintains the "Lotus Is Bad On LAN" club. He is known for his stealthy Japanese AWP skill and affinity for cutting meat at Albertson's.
tso-lotus stole Slash the Great's sweatshirt about a year ago and won't give it back.
by ger November 29, 2004
A server rental company that briefly sponsored a Counter-Strike clan. This clan consisted of tso-lotus (the fig), Stephen Fatzburg, Slash the Great, Mean C and the legendary Fireyseal. Also present were the manager Spectrum and his assistant "broken-arm" Nick.
Nuclearfallout was a pretty good clan until they were figged out of their LAN money.
by ger November 29, 2004
Legendary Counter-Strike player from The Teamspeakeasy Offensive. Is known for spraying at least four ak1ra players in the head through a thick wall in one clip a couple times before they got mad and left. Eventually Fireseal was forced into hiding after joining ICE* with tso-lotus and Slash the Great because he was cheating against some noobs and they got mad and made a movie of it.
Fireyseal is still around, but I hear he mostly DJ's in-game with HLSS and uses cr0tex's homemade cheats which are kinda shitty cause they only tell you where someone is and you can still get flashed.
by ger November 29, 2004
This kid who has no friends and sits by the soda machine all day long. Also plays World of Warcraft and is pretty granny at that too.
"SHUTUP FATZ," exclaimed Mean C.
by ger November 29, 2004
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