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These sad little people come in great numbers, socialise only with themselves and follow the fashion, religiously!
Girls: Brown hair with blonde highlights, "Friends" hairstyles, retro shoes, big tacky white and teal square earrings, always obsessed about their hair/makeup/perfume/clothes/bags/music/friends/celebritys/tv programs etc..., they must do anything that will make them as popular as ever!
Boys: must have retro hair, must wear American sports shoes, and must listen to the Darkness, and be incredibly funny so the girls laugh stupidly, and flirt like whores.
These wannabes hate goths, punks, greebos and townies because they don't dress like them and therefore "are not popular enough"
"Touchin youuuuuuuuuu, Omg, did you see "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" last night? *gasp* look at my nails,if you get a microscope you can see a tiny crack... did you see what Grace was wearing? Really out of season!
by Georgie February 03, 2004
wen ur in desperate need for sex
omg im in total nickom i need sez now
by georgie November 07, 2004
nemming means having fun
like wen u know ur not gonna have fun that day so ya go im nemming tommorrow = im gonna have fun tommorrow gettit?
by georgie November 07, 2004
a typo of dude, it has become the new word for dude in many (un)popular circles of eastern Melbourne
"You are SUCH a dudre!"
"No, you are a dudre!"
"Let's jsut say, we're both dudres."
by Georgie July 06, 2004
just a random word that you use when you want to liven things up
"im really bored we need to liven it up" said Hannah
"Yeh your right, SHIMAE SHIMAE" said georgie

Its a really cool random word when you are bored just shout it out and it will make your buddies laugh!! lol ha ha ha
by georgie November 08, 2004
A guy, although once legendary, has turned to a life of crime and prostitution. He enjoys men, and he loves it when they stick their noses in between his buttcheeks and licks his ass hole.
Legato B is gay.
by Georgie February 18, 2003
The sound that leprechauns make.
Leprechaun 1: Eee is that there a pot of gold Paddy?
Leprechaun 2: It is indeed Shane, eee!
by Georgie January 29, 2005
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