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Another word for "want" often used when needed desperately by someone who is very distressed or very sleepy.
"I wanga my blankey!!!"

"I wanga link that Jeremiah boy"
by GeorgeyBoy1 February 26, 2008
Noik is a added to someones name when they have been a neek for a long time.
"Sergeant Noiksworth, where are we going now? we surrounded!"
by Georgeyboy1 February 13, 2008
When one inserts a chunk of toffee into their buttocks and bends over while an acquaintance licks it out.
"Excuse me sir, would you care for a spot of chumming?"
by Georgeyboy1 February 13, 2008
Another word for a can of beer.
"Jeremiah you wont believe it! I've drunken three Gordons in a night! Hehe."
by georgeyboy1 February 25, 2008

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