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You all need to stop just spouting bullsh*t things about Bush that your redneck mommies and daddies told you, and quit bein such pussies. I mean, you all bitch and whine about Bush, but if John Kerry were in office (which he isn't because he's a dumbsh*t), you people would whine and bitch about what Kerry was doing. I mean, look at the definitions of kerry on this site: they are almost all highly negative things, just like Bush's definitions. So, get your heads out of your pussies and quit bitchin.
You guys don't know what the f**k you're talking about when it comes to George Bush.
by George Woodard August 02, 2006
To have sex with a virgin, causing said virgin to lose their virginity. Can often cause an unusual amount of bitchiness in said ex-virgin.
Elizabeth: Damn! You came in my pussy and now I'm pregnant, you bastard!"

Me: Damn! If I knew you'd be such a fucking bitch after I fucked you, I wouldn't have wanted to pop your cherry!

Both: Damn it!
by George Woodard August 07, 2006
Just so you know, the kid can't see ghosts: he sees the people themselves after they were killed: they aren't ghosts, they're more like imprints that he can see that are very solid...to him.
The Sixth Sense is probably one of the best movies of 1999.
by George Woodard August 08, 2006
Just so the other guy who wrote something knows, Fruit of the Loom makes boxers, too. I live in Kentucky near a huge Fruit of the Loom factory and the only people who wear Fruit of the Loom are pimps with black FTL (Fruit of the Loom) boxers.
Fruit of the Loom is pretty much awesome.
by George Woodard August 17, 2006
I know a guy who looks exactly like Tyson Ritter...it's really weird, so....yeah. Anyways, I discovered The All-American Rejects about 10 months ago, and I really liked their music from the very beginning. I got their album "Move Along", with such songs as "It Ends Tonight", "Move Along", "Dirty Little Secret", and "Night Drive", all great songs. They are about the coolest thing since chocolate!!! They are the best band I believe I've ever heard. I know you probably think I'm gay because all the other people who wrote positive things on this definition were girls, but I am definitely not gay, I just think that they have some awesome music worth writing about. That is about all I have to say.
the All-American Rejects are the pimpinest band EVER
by George Woodard August 29, 2006
To pull on the collar of a polo shirt to where it is up and outward of the shirt. A growing trend overly used by the general public today. I don't mind if people do it, but personally I think it is rather stupid.
"Save your collar, pop a cherry!"
Don't pop the collar.
by George Woodard August 05, 2006
What you say when you discover something that is unbelievably awesome. For instance, when I discovered how addictive Vault Zero is, I yelled "cool.com!". Yeah, yeah!
Dude! There is this wesite where porn is free! Cool.com!
by George Woodard August 17, 2006

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