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A person involved in methods of escapism involving in general computers, sci-fi, anime etc. More often intelligent but not a pre-requsite to been a geek. Often disparaged or shuned by other groups of society when with others of their own kind entirely comfortable and isolate themselves from others, inclined to not be outgoing. Has the same chance as everbody else in future life, often believe that due to Bill Gates and society's reliance on computers that they themselves will be successful, but need character in order to do so. Could be head of multi-million worth firm, could also be stuck in a dead end job in the same rut they were at at school
Bill Gates was most likely a geek at school, but worked in a shed creating microsoft and had the drive and character to drive it through into the corporate giant it is today. Similarly today a person can remain a geek all their life going no where, working in a dead end job with little or moderate pay with no relationship.
by George Terry November 12, 2006

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