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Yet another small, but extremely dangerous asian girl. She is unexpectedly evil, and can strike at any moment; she choses happy moments to attack. She CAN kill you. She WILL kill you. Other than these traits, she is quite the normal human being. If there was one person that could survive having sex with Chuck Norris, it would be a Kissy.
Kissy: "Hey, did someone take my Sushi"

Person 1: "I didn't take it"

Kissy: "Give it back, or i will committ kamikaze on you... AND SURVIVE!"
by George Somm May 05, 2009
Ka for short. A small gnome-like asian, who states she will never have sex before marriage, but secretly is a transexual whore at night. She often doesn't remember, but some days wakes up with STD's that she does not recall ever having. Most Kas are from Korea, but can differ from ka to ka. At night she is the sex goddess for all the undesirable men in the world, such as hairy fat men who are easily three times her size.
Friend: "Ka, what did you do last night?"

Kahyun: "I don't remember, but i woke up this morning with a pain in my crotch."

by George Somm April 29, 2009
Commonly known as a fat arabian terrorist that exercises gay affiliations with individuals such as Kevin, Quinn, or Giorgio. He portrays a unique physical trait of having the most pimple filled ass cheeks of all time. Has bigger tits that any female you will ever encounter even Pamela Anderson. No matter who you are, even being voluptuous, straight out ugly as fuck, or a goat he will surely have sex with you (already had sex with a unicorn). If you have a vagina, you are screwed PERIOD. He also sucks a magic dick ...
Salim: "Dude that chick was hot!"
Person1: "I think she had a mustache, and four chins"
Salim: "No, she was absolutely fine"
Person1: "Hey dude who was that chick?"
Person2: "HE'S my grandfather..."

Salim: "Do you like unicorns?"

Salim: "If you could fly, would you do it with wings or without like superman?"

Salim: "I think Yuval is hot... i want to do her so badly that my penis burns."
by George Somm June 10, 2009

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