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The best power metal band ever, they wipe their ass with nu metal, emo, "gangsta rap" and all other forms of music for pussies. Grow some testicles.
I went to the Blind Guardian concert, and kicked the whiny rich-bitch goth cunt in the face till she bled all over daddy's BMW.
by George Smith May 21, 2003
A female (or fag) that tends to guzzle large quantities of cum.
damn, that ho is a cum tank.
by george smith February 21, 2004
When a person holds another person on the ground and forcefully violates their asshole with their finger.

Originated in Keller High School in a choir closet...has been forgoten
dont drop the soap or your gonna get Zomped!
by george smith September 21, 2004
City in west Texas that is home to Texas Tech. Crunk ass party school with fine ass bitches.
yeah biatch...im reppin lubb town
by george smith February 21, 2004

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