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An extremely robust vagina, usually found on females with oversized labia or "laffy taffy".
"Daaaaaamn! Check out the meat box on that honey!"
"Pop that meat box"
by George Pooney March 28, 2008
A hairy bush of a vagina with a tampon string hanging out of it, or possibly dangling in the wind.
Man, I was gonna munch that puss 'til I realized it was a mouse mat.
by george pooney April 03, 2008
A guy who shits in a colostomy bag.
Look at ol' funky ass colostohe over there. Wonder if his bag is full?
by George Pooney April 01, 2008
synonymous with "deez nutz".
Hey there biatch, why don't you bob for deez apples.
by George Pooney April 15, 2008
A lesbian who enjoys eating raw flesh, primarily chewing on labia.
Damn, yo! Check out the DSLs on that hannibalesbian!
by George Pooney April 01, 2008
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