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The balanced state of a cigarette or doobie, the instant before it falls out of the ashtray.
I predict the cigrilibrium of your Newport is about 14 more seconds. Then it will burn the surface of my new coffee table and I'll have to pop a cap in your ass.
by George N. Dikarnatzis March 04, 2009
The hand position maintained by the transporter of a single hot beverage from a coffee shop on frigid days, in an attempt to warm both hands simultaneously.
We need to take up a collection to get Eva a pair of mittens. Did you see her doing the Starbucks Prayer this morning on her way in?
by George N. Dikarnatzis October 17, 2009
The only moment that will satisfy your worn-out patience with some egomaniacal, inconsiderate bastard. IINS. Not tomorrow... Not in 5 minutes... NOW!
Lady, you've asked that poor Starbucks barrista 15 freakin' questions! Do you think you're gonna order something any time tufukkinday???
by George N. Dikarnatzis July 30, 2009
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