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The state of being when unable to express your emotions about a certain subject and instead speak jibberish
Greg Gonzales trying to cut off someone that is speaking and instead looses his train of thought and yells out "Hazubidiba".
by George Michael July 31, 2003
Lescard –noun, singular/adjective – Meaning derives from an actual fucking faggot.

Used primarily to describe a silly man who, unknowingly exfoliates, extrudes and escalates homophobic tendencies and ideologies remarkably. This harlequin intensifies queer qualities to such a remarkable degree that the jester/crazy homo, is on a higher astral plane of thinking and is so in tune with his “chichi ness” to a tangent that the man himself is oblivious to his faggoty - homophobic ways. Usually involves excessive indulgences of lust for male gonads and Homo-erotic Jokes.
That dam bastard is so fucking lescard...fo shizzle!!
by George Michael November 27, 2003

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