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The guy who laughs three seconds after everyone else.

It means someone who's IQ is a touch on the low side
The stand up comic was awesome, but there was a really annoying three seconder in the row behind us.

Dave is a bit of a three seconder sometimes.
by George McBob May 18, 2009
The phenomenon by which decaf can actually keep you awake, but only if you don't know it's decaf.
The cafcebo effect is a medical mystery.
by George McBob May 17, 2009
Those heroic individuals who valiantly guard our language against profanity, idiocy, mediocrity and egocentric blathering.
Bow to me, for I am an Urbandictionary.com editor
by George McBob May 04, 2009
v. to smoke weed.

S. Afr. slang, pronounced "goof"

To be goefed is to be stoned out of your bracket.
Mike went outside to have a goef.

I'm going get lekker goefed tonignt, bru.
by George McBob April 24, 2009
v. to drive really, really fast.

Named after the Stig in Top Gear. Of course no mortal can drive as fast as the Stig, although you may come close if you can Stiganate.
We're late. I'm gonna stiganate.
by George McBob May 06, 2009
The invisible line separating English-speaking South Africa from Afrikaans South Africa. It is generally accepted have KZN, Joburg and the Cape on the English side and the Freestate, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northwest and Pretoria on the Dutch side.

The name is taken from boerewors and the Iron Curtain (The border between communist East and Capitalist West during the Cold War)
There goes Koos. Now there's a Dutchman from well behind the Boerewors Curtain
by George McBob April 29, 2009
A sleazy wedding chapel, of the kind made famous in Las Vegas.

At a McChapel, you can hire a wedding dress for an hour and get married by an Elvis impersonator. Ushers often expect tips.
Did you hear Mike and Sandy got married in a McChapel downtown?
by George McBob April 29, 2009

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