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69 definitions by George McBob

1. An outrageous, offensive, insensitive and retarded statement.

2. One of such statements made by (not so youthful) ANC Youth League boss Julius Malema.

3. The South African equivalent of a Bushism.
Some examples of malemisms are:

"We will kill for Zuma"
"We shall rule until Jesus returns"
"I only debate with serious political youth"
"We must intensify the struggle to eliminate the remnants of counter-revolution."(he said this one at a funeral)
"Forces that are opposed to our revolution are still here. We must change the management of this university and also the lecturers." (this despite the fact that he failed matric, and never went to university himself)
by George McBob April 29, 2009
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Be careful, honey. Don't stay out too late, and don't forget your niggerspray.
by George McBob August 11, 2010
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Fart, flatulate, break wing, pass gas.

It comes from the Blackadder episode "Beer"
(Lord Melchett has a hangover, but Queen and Nursie think he's sick)
Queen: Well, hurry up and cure the horrible man -- I'm fed up with him lying there moaning and groaning...
Nursie: ...and letting off such great and fruitsome flabby woof-woofs! One can scarcely believe one's tiny nosy!
by George McBob May 12, 2009
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A drink common among the dodgier elements of the Cape Town population.

One makes a blue train by filtering methylated spirits through a loaf of bread in order to remove the bitter-tasting purple dye (In South Africa, the dye is mandatory in order to prevent it's use as a beverage). Since only the dye is removed, not the kerosene, methanol, isopropanol etc, it gets you smashed off your head, but may cause vomiting, headaches, seizures, blindness and/or death.

It is called blue train because the thoroughly dyed loaf resembles the Blue Train, an ultra-luxury overnight passenger train between Joburg and Cape Town.
Dave's actually started drinking blue train. Now that's a rock-bottom alcoholic!
by George McBob April 29, 2009
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A dish that originated in Durban, but can now be bought all across South Africa. It consists of a half or quarter loaf of bread hollowed out and filled with curry.

They came about because, under apartheid laws, Indian restaurant owners were not allowed to seat black customers, and could only sell them take-aways. They invented bunny chows so they could still sell them a proper serving of curry.

The origin of the word "bunny chow" is unknown.
I'm getting take-aways. Do you want a burger, boerewors roll or bunny chow?
by George McBob September 14, 2009
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The horrible tangled mass of hair, soap scum and bodily fluids that clogs the plughole of a bath or shower.

Usually caused by women who wash their hair, shave their legs and armpits or trim their pubic hair in the shower.

If not dealt with in their early stages, they will grow, block the pipes, float around in a pool of water that spills onto the bathroom floor. and produce a clan of sentient offspring that attack you in the dead of night and drag you off into the sewers.
It takes a brave man to remove a bathroom wookiee.
by George McBob May 19, 2009
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Look at all the flat dogs on the riverbank.

The Zambezi is infested with flatties.
by George McBob May 11, 2009
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