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1. n. An ugly girl.
2. adj. ugly, specifically pertaining to women.

Based on the archaic term for a dampener, mainly relating to the quality of making something come slower.
1. When I'm having sex with a girl I usually think of the biggest dashpot I know to make sure I last longer.

2. Dude, that girl you hooked up with was so dashpot, I'd never hit that in a million years.
#fugly #butterface #nasty #homely #minger
by George Hoffenheimer March 30, 2006
adj. ugly, to the point where you are physically unable to engage in sexual relations with then. Specifically pertaining to women for anatomical reasons.
I don't understand how Jim had sex with that girl, she's such a penissoft that I thought it would be impossible.
#fugly #dashpot #minger #ugly #butterface #nasty
by George Hoffenheimer March 30, 2006
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