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Known by some as 'the festival of light' or 'baby making day', noelyfest is traditionally held every 19th of December, and is famed for its copious amounts of cola, video games and short-bread biscuit.
Noel: What you doin' come Noelyfest '06 Geoffrey?

Geoff: Huh? You mean yo' b'day?

Noel: Eat lead, Geoffrey *fires minigun inaneley*

by George Hayward December 03, 2006
One who is accustomed to the occasional nibble upon a shizzle. A feces eater.
Geoffrey: You a shiz-nibbler?

Pertev: Yes Geoffrey.

Geoffrey: That explain the halitosis problem.

Pertev: I guess it do Geoffrey.
by George Hayward December 03, 2006
A Procurer of fecal matter.
"I'm going to the turdmeister, get me some turd."

"Geofrey, why must you do the nasty with my sister? You are nothing more than a turdmeister."
by George Hayward December 03, 2006
Hybrid of 'wankcheese' and 'turd.' Ambiguous meaning is intentional, as the 'victim' is left confused by the whole affair.
Geoff: Drake. You a turdcheese!

Drake: What, like.. cheese in a turd or.. cheese made of turd?

Geoff: Ha! Turdcheese!

Drake: Geoffrey, you a bad man.
by George Hayward December 03, 2006
Clothes that are so very not cool that even off the wall fashion designers fear them. Famous attire of N. S. Liggins.
Geoffrey: What is goin' down with yo' threads? Theys nasty!

Stranger #1: Sorry. I can only afford noelyhosen-

by George Hayward December 03, 2006
One who finds themself obsessed with and often sexually attacted to nintendo products. Often 'made' as a fanboy hits puberty.
What? You got Shigeru Miyamoto's face tatooed on your fallas? Nintendophile! ...do you think they'd do Mario?
by George Hayward December 03, 2006

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