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Tottenham Hotspur small and unsuccessful "football club" based in slum area of North London. Not near Highbury.

Famous for having won only two league championships (a bit like Chelsea, only worse). That's an amazing 6 times as few as local superclub, Arsenal. In fact, there are several notable events in history that happened just after the "mighty" lillywhites won their last league trophy: The Beatles had not even had their first hit, the Berlin Wall had not been erected and man was yet to set foot on the moon. They have been relegated a few times. Not like Arsenal, who have remained in the top flight of English football for ninety years now, regularly winning championships. Also famous for having mentally unstable fans that are unable to read and write and think they play a brand of football that can be witnessed at nearby superclub, and altogether classier footballing institution with more history, The Arsenal.
Mindless delinquent: "Oi chav, I support the second biggest football club in Norf London"

Sane person "What, the mighty Barnet?"

Mindless delinquent "Nah mate, Tottenham Hotspur, innit"

Sane person "Oh you dirty little poor person. Hear's the number of the nearest mental home. And get your hand out of my pocket!"
by George Graham April 05, 2006
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