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The chair at a table, usually for a meal gathering where the chairs that reside at the table are all the same and an extra chair is needed. The bitch chair is not equal to other chairs and carries the general traits of being shorter, less comfortable and uglier than all other chairs at the table. If all chairs at the table are different, the ugliest, shortest and/or most uncomfortable one is the bitch chair.
"man, we went over to Persephone's pad for a rad dinner but I got stuck with the bitch chair"

"OK, who's sitting in the bitch chair?"
by George Forward January 27, 2006
Any neighborhood, community, street, block or complex of housing that has a large number of crackhouses, crackheads, meth heads or drug dealers combined with a high crime rate.
K. looked at the dismal gray sky through the shattered window in his kitchen where someone had tried to break in, remembering the five year old who knocked on his door mistakenly looking for drugs, and muttered "this place is a crackhole".
by George Forward December 16, 2005
Derived from the medical condition and used as slang. To cause grief, woe or general displeasure to another person or persons. Generally used by beaureaucrats because they lack any actual slang and usage of said word is the highlight of that day.
"I see that you want to add a six car garage to your 60 sq. foot crackhouse, the county doesn't have any provisions against it so I don't have any heartburn with that"

"yo, why you be givin me heartburn by eatin all my peanut butter, you jest know I gots to have my peanut butter!"

by George Forward January 27, 2006

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