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ORiginates from the latin Stuartos mumios meaning to be slaggish or ugly, this has taken many a form and is a widely accepted insult
"hey stu..........ur mum!"
by george foreman December 18, 2004
A word coined in the middle age phrase "Time for SUPper, young olympian", which later changed to "Time for sup, young chap" and now it is commonly used to describe the short "meal" between lunch and dinner.
It is time for the short meal between lunch and dinner, Scotty, so come and eat up your sup.
by George Foreman May 10, 2003
A man with far more connections to George W Bush than to Sadam Hussein. Still a very bad person ranking just behind the true scum of the earth Dick Cheney, Donald Rhumsfeld, Paul Wolfawitz and just edging out the bafoon George W Bush for 4th place. All of these men played a roll in the 9/11 attack but it was easy to cast all the blame on Osama since he is a "crazy muslim" and lives in another country and has a different skin color. Wake up America!

Thank you for listening I guess I'll be sent to Guantanamo Bay now due to the provisions of the patriot act but please write me just be sure not to speak to freely or anything.
Osama bin Laden is a real Dick head.

Yea but not as much as Dick Cheney
by George Foreman June 18, 2006
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