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1. A person who does not care where they throw up.

2. Throwing up anywhere that is not a toilet.

3. A disrespectful act in which vomit is spewed forth on the personal items and space of friends and family.
Mike was so drunk last night, he was lunchbagginit and threw up on my dog, couch, floor, laptop, sink, and me.
by George Cyplick July 13, 2008
A person with poor motor skills who is trying to cut anything with a saw.
Tom couldn't build a birdhouse because his jigglysaw was acting up.
by George Cyplick July 13, 2008
1. Someone who's paranoia takes over to where it becomes a confliction between paranoia, greed, and love for fire.

2. Any one of these traits can dominate any other at any given time.

3. Generally little to no reason for paranoia, yet overreacts anyway.

4. Can never have fill of opposite sex, treats them as if they were kleenex.
1. Foster refused to come to my house because he was too busy fucking my girlfriend, thus making him a pyrogreedoid.

2. Foster's true characteristics of being a pyrogreedoid came out when he was too concerned about making money even though he was guaranteed money for that day.

3. Foster's true characteristics of being a pyrogreedoid came out after he set fire to my couch, made out with my mom, and stole my wallet.
by George Cyplick July 13, 2008
1. A burning sensation located in the urinary tract.

2. The feeling that you know you have a STD.

3. Has sex for whatever reason may be, for the one person, just to benefit the sole purpose of one party of the two, to get what they want, whether it be enjoyment, or to use the other person for financial aid.
As I was waiting in the free clinic, I have the awful feeling that God forbid, I might have a silhamijen.
by George Cyplick July 13, 2008
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