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An awesome band that started in the mid-80's. Nu-metal bands (linkin park,korn,limp bizkit) have been ripping off Prong's style for years.
Prong > most anything that has come out since 1990.
by George Costanza January 13, 2004
The critical point of drunkeness immediatley before medical assistance is required.
'Fuck,i cant wake her up.she's totally kirstinated!'
'Oh fucking jesus,does she have a pulse?'
by GEORGE COSTANZA January 30, 2005
A.Checking whether a penis is circumsized or not.
B.Pulling back the foreskin of an uncircumsized penis to check bacteria levels.
I'm sorry Mr Mckenzie,you have failed the meat inspection in the most spectacular fashion imaginable.Goodbye.
by GEORGE COSTANZA January 29, 2005
A.Supa fag haggery.B.A really attractive gay male transvestite in the body of a really attractive straightish woman.C.60 ft diva robot.
"Oh my gawd,lauras gone macdonnatronic and crushed that discoteque to dust under her stainless steel stilettoes.my baby was in that disco."
by GEORGE COSTANZA January 29, 2005

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