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Also known to the commonfolk as "P-Town", Parsippany, New Jersey is located in Morris County, one of the wealthiest counties in the country; a town with heterogeneous mix of almost two hundred ethnicities; a town with a widespread income where one person could be making $120K a year and his neighbor could be making only $20K; Lake Hiawatha is considered the "ghetto part" of Parsippany, but in truth the whole of Parsippany is way better off than most towns.
Person 1: Yo, you live in Parsippany?
Person 2: Yeah, Mazdabrook. Lotsa Indians and Asians and lotsa doctors.
Person 3: Yo, I live in LH, yo. Gonna hang out wit mah brothas after I get off of work at Mickey D's!
by George Cloony October 09, 2006

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