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V. i. to be amongst beautiful girls

ii. to be mackin
N. . Swoomers are single (or wish to be...)
ii. Swoomers don't talk, they just do
iii. Swoomers aren't made, they are born
iv. Swoomers don't approach, biddies flock
v. Swoomers don't seek attention, they just gain it.
vi. Swoomers drink top shelf
vii. Swoomers get yoked
viii. Swoomers are prepared for whatever awaits them
ix. Swoomers can say whatever, to whomever, whenever
x. Swoomers don’t play the game, they are the game
xi. Swoomers don't take NO for an answer
xii. Swoomers know things before they happen. They got that swoom sense
xiii. Swoomers demand excellence
xiv. Swoomers are show'ers and grow'ers
xv. Swoomers' swag switch is always ON
Dude was swoomin', we had no chance
by George B. Swoomin May 03, 2010
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