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222 definitions by George

It means marijuana, it came from the police code for posession of it, which is 420. It has transformed into a time of day that stoners take heed to and smoke to celebrate that 4:20 has come around. April 20 is also known as the international get high off your ass day. Coincidently, it is the same day as: the columbine shootings, hitler's birthday and earth day.
1. Rodger that, we've got a 420 down on Mulhand drive. Need backup.

2. Somewhere its 4:20. (Lights a bowl)

3. Only a week till 4-20, I'm excited.
by George January 18, 2004
To screw up badly in a Tomb Raider game resulting in not being able to see the luscious legs.
I was doing well, then did an Indiana.
by George July 03, 2003
when something is said to be metal it is implying that it is great or good or awesome.
look at that, girl man she is so hot she is metal!
by george January 20, 2005
a pussy ass nigga who talks shit behind yo back and smiles when they see you
i'm a blast that fuckin mercan if i hear 1 more thing bout him talkin shit
by george June 19, 2004
Perfect Dark. Great fps stretching the limits of the N64.
Who's up for some pd?
by George November 03, 2004
the discusting bottom of a beer bottle
here daniel drink this gross cat piss
by george November 11, 2003
Used to represent a penis or that you want to have sexual intercourse with that person.
"I <3 her o so very much"
by George March 03, 2005