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A exclamation used in almost any context possible. Most commonly used to brighten up a dark occasion, to dismiss bad or useless advice, or to answer a question which you don't know the answer to.
Vicar: Ashes to ashes, dust to du...

Teacher: Reginald! Have you been listening to a word i just said?
by George February 07, 2005
a very poor country in Africa where millions are starving.
I'm madder than a legless Etheopian watching a doughnut roll down a hill!
by george May 15, 2005
a very attractice, smart, self sufficient human being. ALso, an enjoyable person to be around, upbeat, enthusastic, and very nice
the lubber walked down the street
by george February 17, 2004
A dancing arcade game made by the Korean Company Andamiro after they saw Dance Dance Revolution and decided that it would be cool to make a similar version, but instead of the cardinal directions as dance steps, they made their dance pad with diagonal directions and a center step. While in Dance Dance Revolution, the steps on the screen are coloured differently if they are on the beat, the off beat, or eighth notes, Pump it Up has the upper two steps as orange, the lower two as blue, and the center as yellow.
I have nothing against Pump it Up, but i played Dance Dance Revolution before I started Pump it Up, so it was a little difficult for me. I enjoy playing both, with DDR because I can do the awesome really hard songs, and Pump it Up because the Korean and Banya songs are just kick-ass.
by george August 30, 2005
The only reason any of you ass-jockeys has the ability to write page after page of banal, ignorant bullshit; the reason none of you have a big, white-wig-wearing British bulldog pounding your ass every night (which is better than any of you dipshits deserve).
Magnificent! Compared to war all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance. Gold help me, I do love it so!
by George June 28, 2004
to masterbate in a sense by rotating your dick counter clockwise in the manner somone would when curning butter, while at the same time singing, "churrrnin the butter"
later guys im gonna go churn the butter
by george March 25, 2004
Short form for Asian The Fuck Up.
<Shears> someone tell someone to ATFU after they say something stupid
<Shears> so i can quote it for Urban Dictionary
<TLR> ATFU, Shears.
by George December 26, 2003

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