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An nice, plump backside that's ripe for spanking or anal penetration. Most clearly defined as an ass big enough to hold a cocktail or libation similar to a shelf ass.
Jane has a great Willum Ass, I know this because an ass becomes good when I can rest my beer on her ass when she's standing up.
by George January 19, 2005
taste of the back of my hand (give you a)

To give someone a backhanded slap across the face.
Shuttup ho, or ill give you a taste of the back of my hand!
by George December 19, 2004
a child spawned from two gimps
yo dude look at that gimplet that was spawned from two gimps
by george October 17, 2004
Sexual technique used by a man during ejaculation having recieved a blow job, in which he re-creates the effect of a paint splattered workmans radio on the face of his lucky lady.
...I gave her a face like a builders' Radio...
by George September 06, 2003
A pipe packed first with high grade marijuana then dusted heavily with keef and topped off with a chunk of hash.
those dream bowl tokes got me way high.
by george January 20, 2005
a term used for relentlesly jacking off.
don't marty too hard you'll get carpaltunnel.
by george January 20, 2005
(Pe·pe·gasm) n. 1. An instantaneous orgasm resulting from very little to no physical stimulation. 2. Any sort of other immediate intense gratification with minimal stimulation. Pepe, from the e-famous 20yr old virgin in Fort Worth, Texas; gasm as a derivative of orgasmos, Greek for swelling, namely of certain organs due to stimulus
Upon sight of the attractive girl approaching, Pepe immediately ran back to his vehicle, narrowly escaping a public Pepegasm.
by George December 20, 2004
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