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Any woman who is known for her birkenstock sportin', torquoise jewelry wearing, self rightous, culture starved, money having ways.
Guy: check her out!
Dude: yeah, not bad for a santa fe dyke.
guy: yeah, fuck s.f.d.'s
by george January 20, 2005
a child spawned from two gimps
yo dude look at that gimplet that was spawned from two gimps
by george October 17, 2004
'Sport': A drunken game in which players place a coin in their ass-crack, and drop said coin into a designated cup on the floor.
Tina scores 3 points by getting a penny into the beer glass.
by George March 09, 2004
When you get completly owned up so bad that your face is disfigured in either part or whole. Used to exclaim joy when beating someone very badly at anything ever.
OMG, I totally RWNFACED that n00bie at cat.
by George March 16, 2005
1) to slack off and do nothing
2)to masturbate

originated in new mexico.
guy: what are you doing tonight?
dude: nothing just peeling the chile.
by george January 20, 2005
another rerm for a petty boy way to caught up in his image thus making him lame.
I might be stupid but atleast I aint no pris boy
by george January 20, 2005
An nice, plump backside that's ripe for spanking or anal penetration. Most clearly defined as an ass big enough to hold a cocktail or libation similar to a shelf ass.
Jane has a great Willum Ass, I know this because an ass becomes good when I can rest my beer on her ass when she's standing up.
by George January 19, 2005

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