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A guy By the name Of Jorge AKA: George Valle titiyjuggler...
George Titiyjuggler Valle
by George March 15, 2005
any guy with long hair who resembles jesus.
guy: I saw george the other day.
dude: whats he up to?
guy: well he turned into a jesus guy.
by george January 20, 2005
an earth yuppie is like a hippy but with money and showers. they commonly live in the northern regions of new mexico.
Guy: Hey you wanna go to the Dave Matthews Band show with me?
Dude: No way man. It'll be full of earth yuppies.
by George January 06, 2005
Stinky bunch of Olympiakos supporting cowards with very limited and selective sense of memory.They never seem to remember what the score was when they were beaten down by ANY european football club.
gavroi roufianoi kotopoula me kranh
by George December 05, 2003
Happy hour every thursday in new york city that features some of the most haenous, greasiest, chinese girls this side of asia. These sea donkeys congregate at this venue every thursday nights along with a plethora of horny geeky faggots that try to mack them.
Dave: Sup John, what you doin tonight?
John: I think i might hit taogroove.
Dave: Don't ever talk to me again.
by george May 16, 2003
the act of being a dick or an asshole.
Guy:So what do you think of george.
Guy: he seems cool for awhile utill his dickatry gets to me.
by george January 20, 2005
n. the act of placing one's bare ass on someone else, i.e. generally the victim's face. hilarity ensues.
Yo let's go give those faggots treatment.
by george June 19, 2004

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