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Describes a type of fashion, music, attitude or other personal style that shares some traits with both the gothic style and the folk or "hippie" style, but more connected to tradition and history. Celebrates the historical tragic romantic. Not dissimilar to contemporary pilgrim.
That man in black, Johny Cash, was so folk goth.
by George Dickel November 13, 2006
Expression used in celebration of anything "folk"
also: folk it, folk that, folk dance, folk life, folk you all, folk it up, folk art.
In referance to old time mountain music one might say, "Folk dat, boys!"
by George dickel November 16, 2006
Used to describe anything related to a fraternity or sorority; moderately condescending; avoids the use and positive connotations of the word "Greek".
Those frorority people in their SUV's are such consumerist and fascist tools.
Does this hip and modern outfit make me look frorority?
by George Dickel November 13, 2006

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