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The act of two men having sex at the same time with a hideously ugly woman. A variation of a threesome, it only becomes a pork roast if the girl is a complete munter. Often, the ritual of a Pork Roast is ended by throwing the girl's jeans out of the window, completing her humiliation.
"I slipped it up her arse while she sucked my mate off... afterwards we got rid of her by chucking her jeans out the window. Man that was a pork roast I'll never forget."
by Geordie Lass August 30, 2006
A man with an impossibly small penis.
I had sex with a Potter last night. Wish I hadn't bothered, I didn't feel a thing.
by Geordie Lass August 29, 2006
The act of having sex with 3 or more men at the same time. Having sex with 2 men, a threesome, is perfectly acceptable, but any more than this is slaggish.
"Of course one of your mates can join in. The other one can get out though, three would be slaggish."
by Geordie Lass August 30, 2006

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