22 definitions by Geordie

another word for cannabis
lets gan smoke sum tak in a bucket
by geordie October 24, 2003
a man who takes it up the ring piece and
gets spunked all over his face
you going to suk cock, like batty boy
by geordie October 24, 2003
Stands for Sad Mackem Bastards.

Used to describe Mackem Sunderland fans. Often by Newcastle United FC fans.
Don't those sad mackem bastards ever wash?
by Geordie January 09, 2004
wen ppl hav nothin better 2 offend ppl, they refer 2 'yer ma' meaning your mam, they are trying to say they have shagged her basically
george:your crap at singing!
freddy: yer ma's crap! (aka : in bed)
by geordie March 10, 2005
a thing you put cannabis in to burn it
lend iz ya chilem
by geordie October 24, 2003
best alcoholic drink in the world, originates in geordieland
giz z bottle of broon
by geordie October 24, 2003
Someone who abuses children in obscene ways, touches penis of any age child
"that DoZ bloke from down cornwall is a right old kiddyfiddler"
by Geordie May 13, 2003
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