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Someone who has spent 11-16 years of training after high school and over hundreds of thousands of dollars to become certified as a doctor.
Because of medical malpractice lawsuits, medicare, medicaid doctors salaries are declining.
by Geoffrey March 15, 2005
The hottest and most awesome girl in school
Mckenzie will be this year's Prom Queen
by Geoffrey February 12, 2005
One word defines this fools - Fake
that's shit as fake as a walnut creek gangster
by Geoffrey March 01, 2005
a type of blood clot (like a heart attack or stroke) that occurs in the penis
girl: alright i'm ready for sex!
guy: ok.. time for mr. petey to get hard (he pulls down his pants)
girl: oh my god! oh my god! you penis looks a lil pale and lifeless
guy: i think i'm having a sheebee-out
girl: damn right! i be out!
by Geoffrey December 26, 2003
N: the seeds from a Cannibus plant
man this shit has a lot of croutons
by Geoffrey February 17, 2005
To be Jonesified means to be killed/maimed/owned by The Jones, e.g. Indiana Jones.
Those Russian Commie-Nazis just got Jonesified.
by Geoffrey September 15, 2004
Used to refer to Indiana Jones. When Indy becomes angry, he turns into The Jones, and subsequently goes on a killing spree, typically killing nearby nazis and other evil-doers.
The Jones is comin' to getcha!
by Geoffrey September 15, 2004

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