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putting a single nut in the asshole, vagima, ear, mouth,or toe to a woman or a man.
Jason had nut sex last night.
by Geoff Valiante February 21, 2008
A suprise attack when the attaker chops the ballsack in half by useing an agressive underhand uppercut. Ushally splitting the sack as the two nuts are realased from there chamber.
Jason is now using the girls bathroom due to a perfectly excicuted sack slash.
by Geoff Valiante February 22, 2008
When a girl is naked and doing push ups with her boobies and pussy.
i bet you cant do five puss-ups Becca.
by Geoff Valiante February 22, 2008
where a brotha or whitey is smoking or roling a blunt in church while the pastor is preying.
Theres a lot of smoke comin from Jasons purple pew over there.
by Geoff Valiante February 22, 2008
When the male or female are linked to multiple porn sites and the penis/boobies are so horney that they might turn purple and fall off.
Graham enough with all that horney porney i dont want too mop the floor again.
by Geoff Valiante February 22, 2008

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