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When you sit on the toilet backwards during a shitting session, much like the TV persona of the same name.
"My Girlfriend's Mom Caught me A.C. Slatering!"
by Geoff Gurak November 11, 2007
Normally defined as an awkward move in the dorm hallways...or any hallways for that matter. Can also be used as an adjective to describe how a person walks. Very, very walkwardly.
"Did you see Kelly do that thing where you kind of get in a hallway tussle with someone you don't know? You know, you and them are about to dodge each other, and you go into the same direction like, 3 times. She almost ran into the Fed Ex guy, man that was walkward."

"Joey swings his arms kind of like Lanky Kong from Donkey Kong 64. And the way his hips sway...it's just so...walkward."
by Geoff Gurak January 23, 2008

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