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the action of surprising a peer by placing one, or multiple fingers in the anal passage of the victim by force. Most comonly undertaken whilst the victim is wearing pants so that anal fluid is not emmited onto the assasins finger/s.
"dude hold my drink whilst i spool banksy"
"brendy spooled me so good the other day, he went all the way to his knuckle!"
"fuck me! i get spooled so often that they will hafta start using a fist to spool me!!!"
by Geoff Blundstone July 24, 2006
A rasist cain/slur combining the less favourable attributes of a nigger/arab...NARAB. The ultimate in racism, the term 'narab' is appropriately used when either a negro or arabian is present and the user is unwilling to offend these innocent on-lookers. (though can be used at anytime)
KNOXY: Geoff your a fuckin jew!!!
GEOFF: Fuck off knoxy u dirty narab

'dude brendy is such a narab'
by Geoff Blundstone July 27, 2006

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