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To snitch on someone. Often, to save their own ass. Comes from the old cost for a payphone call, ten cents.
"John got popped, so he dropped a dime on his supplier and they let him go."
by Geoff B January 09, 2004
The act of posting a message on a forum that is so undoubtedly awesome, that you climax numerous times while writing it.
John was so into his carefully worded tyraid against hotgrrl6969, who inadvertantly posted a thread on the wrong section of the message board, that he unintentionally masturposted all over his keyboard.
by Geoff B January 21, 2004
A foul-smelling vaginal region, a stank pussy.

From "hole" (vagina) and "halitosis" (bad breath)
"I ain't goin' down on no bitch with holeitosis."
by Geoff B January 28, 2004
The dialect of English used online. Especially in chat rooms and on bulletin boards.
LMAO... newbies can't understand webonics - STFU unless u r l337.
by Geoff B August 02, 2003
The English dialect used online, especially in chatrooms and on bulletin boards.
d00d thinks he's lee7, i was LMFAO. u r 2 kewl, tell him to STFU!
by Geoff B August 02, 2003
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