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An incredibly homosexual man who loves to have all of his orfices penetrated with big man meat
Woah dude, I saw this gay porn the other day, the guy was such a KD!
by Geoff October 13, 2003
Nadsat talk for rape. Taken from the book "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess.
Being the adventures of a young man whose principle interests are murder, ultra violence, and Beethoven.
by geoff September 16, 2005
verb, comes from the chinese slang 'to geoff' meaning to kill a vampire, eat its lungs in a traditional indian curry while dancing around singing. geoffrey in todays terms has become mondernised by society and now means 'to shit'
damn that was some good geoffing, thats not how i'd geoff,
by geoff March 04, 2005
The most charming, sessy, and gorgeous bunny in the world.
Regan Dixon will forever be loved by her Geoff.
by Geoff January 02, 2005
Lack of knowledge, lack of desire
Brilz is oblivious to the fact that women will never be equal to men, especially when it comes to intelligence and sports.
by GEOFF November 16, 2004
a sex position like the others say yet except both members partaking in the act must where cowboy hats and when the climax approaches the male counterpart hollers yeeeeeee-haawwww and the best friend of this male love maker comes running in with a video camera and tapes the rest of the action
we were at the party when we heard someone yell YEEAHHHAAWW but just assumed there was some reverse cowgirl going on
by geoff September 19, 2005

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