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119 definitions by Geoff

Plap - is to be used as a shorter version of penis-slap. This word as far as i know was developed by me and a few friends in a fast food restaurant sometime around Jan 04. The word plap was spread quickly around town as well as wherever we traveled.
"He just whipped it out and plapped my leg."
by Geoff January 14, 2005
the motion your ass cheeks make when you rip a huge one
Bob is flabbergasting he must have let one go.
by Geoff January 20, 2004
Grouping of a fleeting harvest station, carried out by General Hogwash.
"Justify my love"
by Geoff March 27, 2003
A guy, usually ugly, who is with a chick that is way too hot for him to even associate with.
After spotting an attractive female and seeing the tool she was with, one would say, "That guy is a freaking moby."

origin: Moby singing with Gwen Stefani
by geoff March 08, 2004
a dude who lurks on forums, leaping out with witty retorts and posts so well timed that any unsuspecting member is instantly owned.
He pulled a crabalocker on Aviate. Now he owns his ass.
by Geoff October 12, 2003
Aren't Tits Great?

Use to compliment an excellent pair of jugs.
<While ogling at a pair>...
"Dude, ATG, man, ATG!"
by Geoff December 15, 2004
to get someones attention, to be scurred,random words
by geoff March 09, 2003