118 definitions by Geoff

an adjective to describe something awesome
Geoff O'Callaghan is the sick nast
by Geoff February 22, 2004
to add emotion to a word, to emphizie the phrase
the goage to my houseage of me
by geoff March 09, 2003
To beat those hoes rapidly~xigon
Those hoes got skecked by those pimps at xigon!
by Geoff June 11, 2004
play hookey, skip
We wagged school on Friday
by Geoff September 13, 2003
Material that such people as, Sammy Sosa, use in their bats to do better than others.
Sammy Sosa had all his bats x-rayed, but the only cork they found was in his ass.
by Geoff June 17, 2003
1. Something sub-par, or questionable, in quality.

2. The part of a ship that the lower classes use to do their drunk dancing.
1. That movie, Titanic, is borange.

2. That borange scene in that borange movie was borange.
by Geoff January 07, 2005
N. Turdwanker; buffoon; douchebag. See also: metrosexual

V. To boink
"Geez, you're such a metallicaeg"
"Yeah well your MOM is a metallicaeg!"
"Speaking of moms, I metallicaeged your mom last night!"
by Geoff March 28, 2005

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