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2 definitions by GeoWookie

To have a high probability of being stoked. This condition is typical among kite-boarders of the Central and Southern California coasts. Typical symptoms include excessive boost, and schwack, as well as high radiation levels from exposure to nuclear winds. Related conditions include gnarcolepsy.
Did you check out Dave's stoke the other day? That dude has a serious prognarsis!
by GeoWookie April 28, 2011
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In what has been regarded as one of the shining discoveries of 2011, the banana snake was first witnessed and documented in a Seattle apartment. It has been described as the next-morning product of the afternoon consumption of 5+ not-quite-yet ripe bananas, which produce a viscous and articulated poo that maintains continuity over its entire length as well as a medium yellow hue and significant plastic deformation potential. Upon flushing, the banana snake awakens, writhing and squirming as it begins its great journey to the waste treatment plant, en-route to which scholars maintain the banana snake maintains its integrity and virility.
Man, this morning's banana snake just about ripped me a new asshole!
by geowookie August 03, 2011
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