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A drink of only half the strength of actual vodka with an advert consisting of the most annoying, conceited, punchworthy shower of fist magnets ever gathered together in one space. Suitable only for unblocking sinks and getting teenage emos and goths shit-faced under the illusion that at least they aren't getting caned on Diamond White and if you drink it you are a fool!
Vodkat - "I'm not high maintenence, I just deserve better"

GeoNeil - "You deserve a boot up your bloody jacksie and a pint pot in your neck! GET TO FECKERY!"
#alcohol #teenage #annoyance #pretend #vodka #arse #kick #cunt
by GeoNeil May 17, 2007
A cheap, strong cider that tastes of vomit, drunk solely by underage charvers who either have a mate with them who looks over the age of 18 (with maybe some dodgy fake ID) or can somehow manage to convince an adult to go into an off-licence or corner shop to buy it for them. May also be consumed by tramps, plonkies, alkies and other assorted soap dodgers who want to get drunk and simply cannot be arsed about the taste as long as it doesn't take up too much dole money. See also Lambrini, MD 20/20, Vodkat
Charver: "Here how, gan to the shop and get us a bottle o' Diamond White how, 's aanly like a pund a litre!"
#alcohol #cider #tramp #charver #chav #scum #poor #unemployed
by GeoNeil May 18, 2007
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