5 definitions by GeoJordan

What John Wozniak smelled.
I smell sex and candy, who's that sitting in my chair?!?!
by GeoJordan February 24, 2008
popular beer originating from the Philippines.
red horse: extra strong
by GeoJordan September 05, 2007
how George learned how to spell bananas.
this shit is bananas

-Hollaback Girl
by GeoJordan September 05, 2007
The act of masturbating while simultaneously petting your pet of choice, preferably a dog.

Coined by the legendary CJ Jordan.
I got home after this phat disco and saw my dog spike just sitting there. After staring at him for a good 2 minutes, I decided to let him join me in a see spot run. It was magnificent.
by GeoJordan September 25, 2007
1. Intense, sometimes fatal diarrhea.

2. Death Metal band out of Ohio; Brutal musicians.
1. He was the third relative I've lost from cholera.

2. I got kicked in the face by a fat guy wearing a JFAC shirt at the Cholera show.

both are very metal in my opinion
by GeoJordan September 05, 2007

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