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She is the sweetest and most sincere girl you'll ever meet. Tira doesn't look to highly about herself but she has all the guys staring. She may not have an ass but dont worry her c cup boobs make up for it. ;) she is short and thin and while she may come iff as innocent if your lucky youll get to see ger kinky and wild side. speaking of tiras sex life, she is very impressive with keeping a boy happy, she knows how to work her body with a corset on and thong ;) Tira doesnt want to disappoint anyone so she'll do anything to make anyone happy. Tira is likely to learn from mistakes on her own and make descisions based on the past. With saying that she has made plenty of mistakes in the past. while many people have gotten over her mistakes tira feels like she has a burden still on her and that people are still judging her. Because of this fear tira is a great friend, proabably one of the greatest to have around. She tends to be such a good friend because she wants that respect back in return. She is very loyal, kind hearted and always, ALWAYS puts others before here. Tira prides her self in self disciplinary actions and respect. She is a strong girl who has been through a lot and needs to see that she is a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart that everyone loves :) tira is probably the best person out there we just need the rest of the world to help her see it :)
Boy; dude who was that walking by?

Girl; that's tira!

Boy; damn she is hot. Is she new?

Girl; no she was just hanging out with the wrong crowd for a while go talkked to he
by GeoBEE323 January 06, 2013
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