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1) The level of how freaky, freaked out, or Freaking (Pimping) someone is, usually said like freakafied.

2) Energy created by adrenaline

<Plural/Other: freakatuded, freakafied>
1) Girl: That guy is freakafied.

2) Girl #1: ZOMG! I just won a million bucks!
Girl #2: You must have soooo much freakatude!

(FYI: I LOL'D at girl #1 and girl #2! LOL LOL LOL)
by Geo Freek May 30, 2010
Basically, it's just replying to something online by dragging your fingers over the keyboard. Nobody likes a spammer, so don't do it.
Spam: surterwectukrtywe tcrirfhzdjkhferhueytertnyeimcerk fmgjftitguerei.
by Geo Freek January 23, 2011

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