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None of them
Geo - Yo Greg, Phal ain't makin nundem shots today.

Greg - It's cuz his leg is broken

Geo - Nah, man it's cuz he sucks
by GEO July 21, 2003
None of them
Yo nigga they breath all funky and shit. I ain't feelin nundem bitches.
by Geo June 05, 2003
A big faggot who loves cock, and is very fem.
That pickle sniffing , limp wristed trouser pixie tried to stroke my pee-pee!
by geo October 05, 2004
1. when someone gets scared shit
2. when someone gets crossed up by a big asian kid in basketball
Yo i was compressing u and u got shook like a mice!!!!!
by GEO July 21, 2003
To partake in a game of basketball
Yo we was running ball the other day and this lil white boy shit all over Morris's face!!!
by GEO July 21, 2003
A verb that describes the process of working irregularly on something.
"Joe is still jiddering on his car." "Yeah, and it's been seven years till he began..."
by geo February 11, 2005
Child boobs. Like when a female toddler is wearing a mini-bikini and no one really cares that the top came off, and you can see her choobs.

Can work with a small fat boy.
Emily was parading around the beach with her choobs today, and everyone thought that it was the cutest thing ever.
by geo April 05, 2005

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