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When you drop a parcel in the post box, library book return, video drop off box.....close it.....then open it again to make sure it went in (I think this was a "sniglet" but I could be mistaken)
"Forget the premblememblemation man, it's raining cats and dogs out here!"

"I had to premblememblemate when I dropped off my car payment, I don't want my car getting reposessed!"

by Gentleman "G" February 14, 2009
A dark sticky residue that forms inside smoking accesories.

AKA: leftovers, scrapings, poor mans hash
The chemical reaction of fire causes the smoking product (tobacco, marihjuana, etc...) to leave residues, or "resin" on the inner portions of pipes, bongs, even papers; which can be salvaged by scraping and then re-burned giving a slightly lesser effect than the original material, but still a quaint buzz if you're lucky :D
by Gentleman "G" February 11, 2009
a shortcut word which is basically "stoned" and "tired" together.....at the same time......
"Naw man I don't want to go to the skate park, I just got off work and burned a blizzy and I'm stired as hell."
by Gentleman "G" February 14, 2009
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